Selected Press

ONDINE: “Femininity Against The Grain” (August 2019)

Fashion Week Online: "Luxury Swimwear Show at New York Fashion Week | Descalzo Shows" (March 2019)

Long Island Herald: "Celebrating women in the arts" (March 2019)

Swim Week Calendar: "Descalzo Shows Hosted Swim Atelier at NYFW" (February 2019)

E-Line Magazine: "Swimwear for Curvy women at New York Fashion week" (February 2019)

Descalzo Shows: “Zouk Collective x New York Fashion Week 2019" (February 2019)

Mora Modeling Magazine: "Featured Model: Linda Bancroft" (April 2018)


Mora Modeling Magazine "Model of the Month: Linda Bancroft" (September 2017)

WYPR (88.1FM): "Rousuck's Review: In "Framed Illusion," The Art -- And Science -- Of Perception" by J. Wynn Rousuck (June 2016)

Magazine Publications

MOEVIR Magazine

October 2019

Issue No. 7, pgs. 22-30

Adorned by Gabriella Bavaro & Linda Bancroft

MORDANT Magazine

October 2020

Issue No. 4, Vol. 1 pgs. 32-45

"Hat Trick" by G. Bavaro & Liam De Voe

Vertiqlè Magazine

September 2020

Issue No. 14, Vol. 2 pgs. 46-55

"Velvet" by Gabriella Bavaro 

Edith Magazine

November 2019

Issue No. 27, pgs. 36-39

American Dream by Steve Selman

LYUN Magazine (Special Beauty Edition)

October 2019

Issue 3 Vol No. 1, pgs. 24-31


Photographed by Huston Watson & Chung Man Yiu​


SALYSÉ Magazine

October 2019

Vol. 5 Number 103, pgs. 54-65

SubUrban Playground by Julia Bavaro

Tacari Weddings

Fall 2019 


“The Briarcliff Manor” by Rebeca and Andrew Federico 

KAYGOD Magazine

Sept 15, 2019


“Beauty in Technicolor” by Brian Edsall and Gabriella Bavaro​

ONDINE Magazine

Aug 25, 2019


“Femininity Against The Grain” by Reginald Dorms

SHUBA Magazine

June 2019

Vol. 11, Issue 25, pgs. 24-28

“The Garden” by Julia Adele

Every Bride

May 25, 2019


“The Briarcliff Manor Inspirational Styled Shoot” by Rebeca and Andrew Federico

Mora Modeling Magazine

May 2018

Romance Issue

Inside Cover Model