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     Linda Bancroft graduated from Salisbury University in 2015 with a dual degree. The first was a B.A. in Theatre-Acting and the second was a B.A. in Communications Media Studies. After graduating she moved to New York to try her hand in the acting and modeling world and soon found herself using marketing techniques to push her career forward on Instagram and with her own website. Linda had found her niche- creative storytelling and critical thinking in digital marketing. Planning, writing and strategizing became Linda's focus. Realizing this skillset she had, Linda thought,  why not work with brands and help other small businesses market themselves.

      In order to gain more hands on knowledge from professionals about digital marketing, Linda enrolled in a Columbia Business School Course titled-Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media Planning & Analytics. She also joined the AMA (American Marketing Association) to engage with other marketers her field as well as read academic journals and find out about new trends.  Linda continues practicing her digital marketing strategy on her social sites by incorporating her knowledge in email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (seo) and much more.

Linda Bancroft



Graduated from Salisbury University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Theatre Arts and Communications Media Studies.


Certified by Columbia Business School and Emeritus in Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics.  Issued July 2021


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Linda is apart of the American Marketing Association- New York Chapter since October 2021.

Download my entire resume below

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