Meet Linda Bancroft,

an American Actress & Model living in New York City.

Linda began modeling in 2015 while completing her education and training at Salisbury University, where she graduated with a dual degree in Communications and Acting, on the Theater Performance track. Her time at Salisbury garnered her prestigious positions and honors, securing her lead roles in several of the University's largest main stage productions. 

She believes her background in communications has given her a keen sense of the impact media forms upon its audience, and strives to remain mindful of her own influence as she creates. She believes identification and influence in media has been paramount in shaping both her own identity and that of her peers. As she has grown as a model and artist, Linda has cultivated a relentless work ethic and positivity. Her apt nature and strong personal awareness has received praise from models, photographers and other collaborators alike, delivering work that is evocative, creative, and, intimate. 

Selected Clients

Genesislevel Models:

1441 L St NW 12th floor,
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 558-6624

Agent (Commercial, Print, and Event):

Arturo Espinosa

(929) 333-4587

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